About Us


 Becky - Mashed In Beer Gear

Well first of all, if you were looking for www.biab-brewing.com, you have come to the right place!  We recently underwent a re-branding, and expanded our product offerings!  Why? Because WE LOVE BEER and all things BEER! 

We are located in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada, where the craft beer scene has exploded over the last few years. So if you haven't been here, seriously, check it out. We've got plenty of beaches and hiking trails as well - if that's your sort of thing!

We started brewing a few years ago, starting with Festa Brew kits, quickly changed to all grain, and haven't looked back since. All things craft beer have since taken over a large portion of our lives (in a non-drinking problem kinda way). We have met amazing people, and attended some pretty neat events! Beer folks are a pretty awesome bunch!

Being a female craft beer enthusiast, I recognized the need for more tasteful beer related product options (things that your "other half" wouldn't oppose to having in the main part of the house). Our goal is to design and create unique products for the beer lover and home brewer that fit any decor.  And of course, useful stuff too, like our custom made BIAB bags. 

You will also see other company's products on our site from time to time, and that's because their product is just so stinkin' awesome that we HAD to tell you about it! We love supporting other small and/or local businesses, or businesses that are just starting out!

After all, it's for the love of beer! Cheers!


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