"Drink The Rainbow" Beer Tap Handle Set

$124.99 CAD


Can't decide which beer tap handle(s) in our "Drink the Rainbow" Collection to buy? Well this set has you covered!  This set includes 4 beer tap handles - Light Malt, Amber Malt, Dark Malt and Leaf Hops!  

Women coordinate their purses with their shoes, men coordinate their belt to their shoes, so why not coordinate your beer to a handle? Or for a really good time, don't!  Just sit back and watch your puzzled guests try to figure it out. Seriously. Hours of amusement.

Want more colour coordinating in your life? Check out the "Drink the Rainbow" Beer Coaster set!


  • Smooth, glossy finish.
  • Real beer ingredients: Hops, Light Malt, Amber Malt, and Dark Malt.
  • Brass threaded insert for a durable, long lasting tap handle.
  • Angled top for a refined appearance.
  • Will attach to any standard faucet.

Measurements: Each tap handle measures 5"x1"x1"


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