Caring for your "Mashed In" BIAB March 23, 2015 20:29

As strong as these little buggers are, they’re also like fragile little flowers. Let me explain. Don’t just throw them into a box with other brewing equipment that could snag the material.  Once a hole is created, it can tear up further and make quite the mess if you put grain in there.  Don’t squeeze the bag to get the excess liquid out.  Gentle squeezing is ok, but it’s best to let it drain.  The material fibres separate from the sewing process, and squeezing the bags puts stress on them, making them separate faster and maybe too far. Once, a customer had to order a new bag because they sat on it to help get the liquid out.  We also don’t recommend that. Your beer might taste like ass.  As for cleaning the bag, all it needs is a good rinse with warm water, and hang to dry – do not put it away damp, like any material, it will get mold and mildew-y.