Recipe: Cold Brewed Coffee May 21, 2016 16:24


I know I know, this isn't a beer recipe...however, a nice cold brewed coffee can be just as refreshing! And you likely have most of the gear you need to make it already!

Here's what you need for this process:

  • Brew Bag (luckily, I know just where to find one!)
  • A bucket OR cooler (we recommend the ClearBrew 32L Fermentation Pail and lid)
  • 19 liters of Water
  • 1900 grams of Ground Coffee Beans
  • Sanitizer

For our process, we made a cold brewed coffee "concentrate" if you will, a stronger version that you dilute with water/milk upon serving.  We used approx 1.9kg of ground coffee beans to 19L of water, a 1:10 ratio.

Step 1: Weigh out your beans!

Cold Brewed Coffee DIY

Step 2: Grind 'em up if they aren't ground already, with a medium to course grind. We used the 9-L setting on our Baratza Vario Grinder. 

Cold Brewed Coffee Instructions

Cold Brewed Coffee How To

Step 3: Get your bucket or cooler ready! We sanitized the bucket, lid and brew bag with Starsan before filling, just to be safe.

Cold Brewed Coffee How to

Step 4: Pour in half of the water and pour in ground coffee beans, stirring them in really well. Continue pouring the rest of the water in, giving it another good stir. We used an 18.9L jug of reverse osmosis water.

Cold Brewed Coffee At Home

Cold Brewed Coffee

Step 5: Put a lid on it! No really, put the lid to your bucket or cooler and leave it for 16-24 hours.

Cold Brewed Coffee Instructions

 Step 6: Remove bag with the coffee grinds, and drain (or pour if you don't have your bucket/cooler geared up with a drainage spout) into your keg.  

Chill keg and serve, diluting to preferred strength in the glass with water or milk.